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Security Service

Building Security/Malls Security, Educational Institutions Security Financial Institutions Security, Hospitals Security Hotels Stores Security & other Installations.


Cleaning Staff, Dispatchers, Telephone Operators, Receptionist, Peons, Runners, Pantry staff, Gardeners and Drivers.

Event Management

Beauty Concerts, Marriages, Auctions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Stadiums and Concerts, Sporting Events.

Manpower placement

Skilled Workers, Unskilled Workers, Labor Workforce, Die Casting Services, Press Operator, Canteen Services, Contract Labor.

Counselling Services

Child counselling, Depression, Drug misuse, Drug misuse.

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Security Services

Providing of efficient manpower and standing operating procedures to our clients of corporate,financial institutions,educational institutions, Hospitals,industries,Malls and real estate developers. Providing of personal security officers with army/paramilitary forces to senior executives and industrialists. Conducting the employees verifications for the corporate, industries and Domestic staff. Procurement and installations of electronic security gadgets such as CCTV cameras. Access control, Fire fighting systems with latest modern technology.

Extra emphasis is laid on:

  • Training security staff on fire fighting drill and Disaster Management.
  • Training security staff on collection of intelligence.
  • Physical Private Security.
  • Public Relation.
  • Patrol Techniques.
  • Safety Procedure.
  • Professional Attitude.
  • First Aid.
  • Motorola, HHMD, DFMD,and other security equipments handling.

Moral conduct,prevention of theft, crisis management during strike, bomb threats, sabotage, fire etc. After the training, trainees are passed out by a team consisted of directors, extension of training by Two of Three Weeks, if required. If any trainee does not fulfill the standards of training, he would be weeded out.

Categories of Maxsas  Security Services

Chief Security Officer (CSO):

A Senior Officer of the assignment who is either from the Army, Navy, Air force or Paramilitary forces All CSO’s can talk in English. Before enrolling them in our company he undergoes a series of interviews and tests. Only after he clears these tests he is taken in as a CSO. He has full knowledge in Security related matters as well as fire fighting. These officers are well aware of multinational company culture and are capable of on the spot decisions.

Security Officers (SO):

A fairly senior officer who may not be from the service background. He has complete knowledge about security subjects. They are capable of taking independent decisions. They have full knowledge about Fire Fighting.

Asst. Security Officers (ASO):

An ASO is a well experienced officer who may or may not be from service background. They should have put in at least 5 to 6 years of service in the company before they are promoted to this rank. They can handle any unit independently. The ASO is well versed with all security matters and Fire Fighting drill.

Sr. Supervisor:

Security Guards who have smart bearing, intelligent and loyal are promoted as Sr Supervisor. They are more responsible as compared to the guards. Before being promoted it is seen that they should have at least 3 to 4 years of working experience in the company. Head Guards are generally graduates and number of them can converse in English also.

Supervisor (Security Guards):

They are minimum 10th class pass, having 5’7” of height and are medically fit. They have good knowledge of national language. Security guards before getting enrolled in the company are expected to have good bearing and above average intelligence. They are trained for 6 weeks in our training centre before they pass out. Thereafter they are posted to some big units for two weeks where they are given on the job training under. Emphasis is laid both on physical and theoretical training.

Armed Guard (Gunman):

A well trained guard who is in possession of a gun with a proper license which is given by state or central government for his own safety. Individuals or company’s where threat of attack by intruder is more, prefer to have armed guards. The armed guard is well trained and is well aware of all rules and regulations.

Lady Security Guard (L.S.G.):

A well trained lady security guard is found useful in institutions where more women workers are employed. She has good knowledge of security matters. She is found to be frisking ladies.

Operational System

Standing Operating Procedures (SOP’s):

To further ensure compliance in duties, all security personnel will have on person, laminated cards with post specific Standing Operating Procedures printed on them. Laminated cards with Escalation triggers, escalation matrix and important phone numbers will also be given to each guard.

Regular monitoring– On site training of full team:

  • Briefing/ Debriefing at the time of Shift change – Post Supervisor.
  • Daily Training on Specific post instructions – Post Supervisor.
  • Daily Checks – Field Supervisor.
  • 3-4 times a week visit – Operations Manager.
  • Monthly Training by Training Officer: Fire Fighting/Safety, Evacuation drills.
  • High Quality Security mechanism (monthly review meetings).
  • 24x7 Control Room.
  • QRT Team for Disaster.

It is an organization raised & run by top ranking Army Officers & out performer Police Officers. We receive advisory & legal support from Police, Intelligence & Counter Intelligence Professionals and Legal experts of rare breed and experience in respective fields. Our basic principles are based on two facts “Client and Staff contentment”.

Other Major Services

Training Centres

MAXSAS provide training to their staff at two locations Sahibabad and Jaipur. We are capable to provide training to 100 personals at a time at the above locations.

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