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Security Service

Building Security/Malls Security, Educational Institutions Security Financial Institutions Security, Hospitals Security Hotels Stores Security & other Installations.


Cleaning Staff, Dispatchers, Telephone Operators, Receptionist, Peons, Runners, Pantry staff, Gardeners and Drivers.

Event Management

Beauty Concerts, Marriages, Auctions, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Stadiums and Concerts, Sporting Events.

Manpower placement

Skilled Workers, Unskilled Workers, Labor Workforce, Die Casting Services, Press Operator, Canteen Services, Contract Labor.

Counselling Services

Child counselling, Depression, Drug misuse, Drug misuse.

Career @ MAXsas Securities

The company provides Job opportunities to the following catagories of personnel's:

Marketing ,both raw as well experienced.
Security Officers, Supervisors. Preference is given to the ex-servicemen, including personnel from the Para military forces.

Security Guards , Drivers, Clerks, Runners/Peon, and Cleaning Staff


Basic Qualifications of Security Guards:

  • Minimum 10-12 standard passed.
  • Average height 5’7” except Nepalese and hill side people
  • Medical Fitness.
  • National Language:

Our Training Program:

Upon successful completion of the selection requirements each applicant must attend an Orientation Class and go through Pre Assignment Training taught by a certified instructor. This session also involves acting out hypothetical situations with which security personnel may be confronted and learn how to use communication devices. Applicants must pass a test for every subject and then only will these applicants be considered for a position with MSS and given a right to proudly wear our uniform.

Few points related to our training program:

  • General briefing at initial stage: 5 to 7 days of physical training and drill is given at MSS Physical Training School.
  • Duration of training: 6 weeks
  • After 7 days at physical training we shift our trainees to MSS at Sahibabad where both theoretical and practical training is given apart from physical drill.
  • Basic lessons on security.
  • Visual demonstration through video films and slide.
  • Maintenance of various registers and documentation.

Training Techniques:

  • Class room lectures.
  • Use of over head projector.
  • Use of video films.
  • Simulation exercises.
  • Fault finding exercises.
  • Situation test exercises.
  • Discussion amongst trainees.

Extra emphasis is laid on:

  • Training security staff on fire fighting drill and Disaster Management.
  • Training security staff on collection of intelligence.
  • Physical Private Security
  • Public Relation.
  • Patrol Techniques.
  • Safety Procedure.
  • Professional Attitude.
  • First Aid.
  • Motorola, HHMD, DFMD, and other security equipments handling.

Moral conduct, prevention of theft, crisis management during strike, bomb threats, sabotage, fire etc. After the training, trainees are passed out by a team consisted of directors, extension of training by 10 to 15 days, if required. If any trainee does not fulfill the standards of training, he would be weeded out.

Facilities provide during the 6 weeks training.

After the completion of three months we will send to security personals to our Training institute which is located at Bareilly for six weeks.

  • Free food, Boarding and Lodging, Medical Treatment, Half Pants, Vest, P.T. Shoes, Socks, Belt, Caps etc.
  • Enhance and develop the skills necessary to make each employee successful. All new employees participate in Max Security intensive pre-employment classroom training while established personnel receive on-going instruction and spot checks during announced and unannounced supervisor visits.
  • The service of the best instructors in the field with army or paramilitary background is used for this purpose.

Training Center

Maxsas Security Service Physical Training Institute is located at Sahibabad.

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